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5000 mAh FPV Battery Pack for DJI and other FPV Goggles We produce 3 versions of the LI FPV Battery Pack, 2S 8.4V, 3S 12.6V and 4S1 6.8V. We use only verified genuine lithium ion batteries supplied by a GSA certified wholesale vendor. Currently we are using Samsung 21700 batteries for the 5000 mAh battery packs. In addition, we include an XT-60 charger adapter cable to your own LIPO charger (Must have a lithium unbalanced charge setting. We suggest 3A for best life). New Product! DJI an alternative to switching off the low voltage alarm. This inexpenive accessory will down convert the 3S voltages to a constant 8V so goggles will configure the battery as a 2S and setting the low voltage alarm to 7V for the 3S . Thus you will be able to use the full battery capacity but will need to monitor the voltages once you drop below the preset voltage. This will retain the low voltage alarm as it was intended. The alarm defeat voltage is set during testing but is user adjustable. Pricing: 2S 8.4V 5000 mAh with XT-60 Charger lead US$ 45.00 3S 12.6V 5000 mAh with XT-60 Charger lead US$ 50.00 DJI Goggle Low Battery SILENCER US$ 6.00 Shipping: USA US$ 5.00 Canada US$ 13.00 Europe US$ 15.00 Australia and New Zealand US$ 18.00
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