USB-C 21700 5000 mAh Battery Pack

This battery pack is specifically built for the T-16 radios incorporating the USB-C internal charger but should work in any radio that will balance charge a 2S battery. We use only verified genuine 21700 5000 mAh Samsung or 13650 3500 mAh LG Batteries batteries supplied by a GSA certified wholesale vendor. The pack is spot welded using pure nickle strips, insulated with Kapton tape and shrink wrapped. The 3 pin power connector is high quality with silicone wires large guage wires. The battery packs are also available with the balance board and additional JST connector for use with an existing kit. Pricing: Does not include shipping. 18650 3500 mAh with 2S balance power lead US$ 18.00 21700 5000 mAh with 2S balance power lead US$ 25.00
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18650 3500 mAh
21700 5000 mAh
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New: Balance Charger Adapter
Quck balance charge your 5000 mAh USB-C Battery at up to 5A (3A reccomended for longest life) using your LIPO charger with our new charger adapter. Only $7.00 if ordered with your battery. There appears to be a lot of failures of the USB-C Mods and T-16 Pros. The chip on the board tends to overheat when using a USB charger rated over 1A with .5A recommended. The balance charger adapter cable will allow 5 to 10 times the charging amperage with your LIPO charger! If ordered without the battery, including postage: USA $ 8.00 International $15.00
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